Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows

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Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows, developed in Sweden especially for newborn and young babies to help prevent and effectively treat flat head syndrome, a common medical condition also known as Plagiocephaly, sometimes Brachycephaly or Scaphocephaly. Since 2000 the Swedish National Board of Health & Welfare (Swe Dept of Health) recommends the use of soft baby pillows to all their newborn and young babies to prevent and treat flattening of the head.

Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows available in the UK since 2004, following on from very good results they are
now recommended by over 80 of the leading hospitals and clinics throughout the UK and Ireland!

The Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows are made from very soft and light density anti-allergen fibre fill with an outer 100% cotton cover, which makes them suitable and safe to sleep on for all newborn and babies up until about 18 months as this is how long it takes for the skull to harden. After this time the baby pillow serves mainly as comfort. The baby should always lie on its back with head and shoulders positioned on the pillow. Our baby pillows do not contain memory foam or other synthetic foam materials. Lilla Kuddis baby pillows are fully machine washable. (For more information see tab Our Pillows).

(In August 2009 our brand name changed from Goi Goi Baby Pillows to Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows. All our products remained the same, only the name changed).

Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows are only available through our website.
We service international orders to most countries (not the US and Canada).

Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows

Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows

Recent Customer Comments:

“I have informed my Osteopath how good these pillows are and she said that she can now recommend them to her baby clients. Thanks again for doing the research on this for us and making them available” – Michelle

“I just wanted to say how much i love your Lilla Kuddis pillows. It has really helped my son sleep better, and I believe has helped in his ‘flat head’ problem. I think more people should know about them!” –  Emma

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UK Craniofacial Expert Comments:

“There is not enough education on this subject. Many parents are told to ignore the problem and that it will go away on its own, this is not always the case. I believe that better understanding of the condition will help Paediatricians and General Practitioners to advise parents appropriately and offer simple strategies for prevention and improvement. I see many babies in my practice with some degree of flattened skulls. With early recognition, this problem could be reduced by simple measure – such as special pillows designed to support infants’ heads in the first six months of life. This would reduce the need for more complex treatment such as moulding helmets and surgery.” Norman Waterhouse – Head of the Craniofacial Unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, former President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and Specialist Tutor in Aesthetic Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons.

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