Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows

Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows available in the UK since 2004, following on from very good results they are now recommended
by over 80 of the leading hospitals and clinics throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our best selling (and best-loved) baby pillows and accessories...

Our baby pillows and our pillow cases are available in 2 sizes – small for cribs, prams and moses baskets or large for use in cots.
We strongly recommend using pillow cases with our baby pillows as these help to protect and maintain the quality of the pillow.

The Original Baby Pillow

Our classic original design

100% polyester fibre with anti-allergens, 100% polyester/ microfibre cover

Large Baby Pillow

The newest addition to our range

Our larger baby pillow, for cots and cot beds

Pretty Cotton Prints

Pillow cases & matching blankets

In softest cottons & fleeces

Prevention, Treatment, Comfort

Removes pressure & offers soft comfort

Suitable for ALL from newborn to 18 months

Recommended by leading medical experts at nearly 100 hospitals and clinics throughout the UK and Ireland

NEW RANGE - Premium Dacron® baby pillows

Our new Premium Dacron® Baby Pillows can be washed and dried at up to 95C, without losing their shape or plumpness.

The thousands of Dacron® 95 cluster-fibres in our pillows mould perfectly to the shape of the head and neck, adjusting to movements to give the perfect support all night long.

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Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows, available in the UK since 2004