Customer Reviews


I just wanted to say how much i love your Lilla Kuddis pillows. It has really helped my son sleep better, and I believe has helped in his ‘flat head’ problem. I think more people should know about them!

Mrs Julie Bell

Hi, I purchased a Lilla Kuddis Pillow because after following the advice I was given at the birth of my daughter by the NHS she developed plagiocephaly. I researched the condition myself after no help from the health professionals and found the Lilla Kuddis Pillow, this was invaluable to me. I could now have piece of mind when my baby was sleeping on the pillow and also when she was in her pram as I put the pillow in her pram too. I only wish that I had known about the pillow sooner, and advice about repositioning was given at birth. Many thanks.

Mrs K

Just wanted to say that our pillow arrived yesterday and it’s great thanks. I love how soft it is and that it’s not too thick. I felt the need to email you because when our little one naps during the day, she does so in her push chair (reclined) – she normally has a whine and takes a while to fall asleep. This morning we placed her new cushion in the pushchair and she fell asleep straight away, we couldn’t believe it!! She obviously really likes it too. So even if we are too late to help her head (she’s 7.5mths), at least she likes her pillow :) Many thanks!!

Lisa Sollitt-Pass and Fynn (7 months)

Hi, I have found the Lilla Kuddis pillow to be indispensable to my son and his plagiocephaly and have recommended it to other people. My son doesn’t use it at night to sleep on but we use it many times a day. He will have a nap with it if I am in the room, and we use it at every nappy change and just for leggy kicking time, and in his high chair for helping him to sit forwards. I also use it in the pram on extended shopping sessions. Its so soft and comfortable and takes pressure off his flat side therefore helping to work towards correcting his plagiocephaly. I have also found daddy asleep on the sofa with it! Thanks for making them available to us parents. They are great

Hannah Tooze

Our baby’s head has certainly improved a lot since we bought him the Lilla Kuddis baby pillow although it is still a little flat. I wish we had known about the pillows at an earlier stage but were only told about them when we had a hospital appointment with a craniospecialist about a different condition when he was about 8 months old. In addition to helping his head shape the pillow is clearly comfortable and helps him to sleep more easily – he now won’t sleep without it. I recommended the pillow to a friend who has a younger baby and whose head shape has now completely corrected itself. Of course we have no way of knowing whether Joe’s head shape would have improved without the pillow but the improvement did only start after he started sleeping on it so I think at the least it contributed to the improvement. I think it is a shame that the pillows aren’t more widely known about and that the NHS gives inconsistent advice about the problem. Our GP would not take it at all seriously, a health visitor at another clinic was very alarmist and said he needed cranio-osteopathy and then the cranio team at the hospital recommended your pillows.

Mrs Bridger

Hi there, I can’t tell you how grateful we are for your Pillow. After 7 months of very disturbed nights – I mean my daughter or I getting up every couple of hours to Jack – he now sleeps through the night. He had a very miss shaped head on his left side and the hair is very slow growing on that side but I truly believe that as you state the Pillow took off the pressure from that side of his head. Hair is starting to get longer and his head looks much better now. The preference to lie on that side of the head – we didn’t realise what damage lying always to that side was doing. When my Daughters Health Visitor called we showed her the info that had come with the Pillow and she was very impressed. I made her four photo copies to take with her. I will also be giving a copy to my Doctor as he is always very interested in new ideas and I know he will be most impressed. My Daughter is a happier Mum and Jack is a happier baby. My Daughter has two older children and didn’t have these problems with them so went into Post Natal Depression over sleepless nights with the new baby. I really can’t express enough how this Pillow has helped this family. Mum and baby are a lot closer since mum gets her sleep!! I always worried about pillows in cots but Jack just loves his pillow and looks so comfy!! Sometimes he decides to use it as a foot rest!! So is a good lesson to learn and I hope that a lot more people in this country will benefit from the Pillow. Many many thanks for easing the stress in this household. Thanks and Bright Blessings.

Mrs Sarah Parr

Having previously purchased your baby pillow via your website, I thought I would email you with some feedback. My first son was born in 2004 and from approx. 8 weeks old I noticed how flat his head was going on his left side. Like many others, the advice I was given by my GP and Health Visitor was that it wasn’t anything to worry about, that it would correct itself with time, and once his hair had grown it wouldn’t be noticeable. My son is now 2 1/2 years old and whilst the flattening to his head isn’t noticeable now, it is still there and has not corrected itself so far. My second son was born in 2006 and was quite small as he was 4 weeks early. After just a few weeks we noticed he was also developing a flat head; this quickly became noticeable and we were concerned at the speed his head was flattening. The advice from my GP and Health Visitor remained the same, and although I had read up on the helmet therapies available, this wasn’t an option for us. I am very happy therefore that I did some further research myself and came across your baby pillows. I have used the smaller pillow in my son’s moses basket since he was approx. 8 weeks – I only use cotton jersey fitted sheets in my cots and am therefore able to tuck the pillow underneath the sheet where it remains secure and safe throughout the night. Since using the pillow the flattening to my son’s head quickly slowed and his head shape started to correct – he is now 6 months old and we are thrilled with his much improved head shape. The flattening to the left side of his head has all but corrected, and his head shape has much better symmetry, and I feel certain that the pillow has made the improvement possible. I passed a copy of your leaflet to my Health Visitor, and she has seen for herself how my son’s head shape has been corrected. I believe that she has passed details of your pillows to some of her colleagues, and I hope that the word will continue to spread!

Michelle Sharpe

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for making the pillow available to us. I have twin boys who are my 2nd and 3rd child – I noticed very quickly that my first twin was getting a flat head, he did have a misshaped head from birth due to being the first twin he was incredibly squashed inside then coming out head first – where as my second twin who was lying transverse and came out breech so a lot less pressure on his head. I found that i was not able to pick them up as my as my first son due to there being two of them and my first twin developed a very flat head and my second twin developed a slope each of which got a little worse as they refused to sleep in any other position. I have been taking them to our cranial osteopath who the other month mentioned the Lilla Kuddis pillow as their heads were getting no better i purchased one each when they were around 12 weeks old and i am so impressed. My first twins head is almost completely normal and you can tell how much his flat head must have been distressing him as now he will happily lie and play, looking around whilst doing so and will lift his head on tummy time too – no proof obviously that this is due to using the pillow but im sure that it has alot to do with it as he is far more chilled – twin 2s head is completely back to normal and loves snuggling into it in his sleeps, i think it has improved the quality of their sleeps many mornings i have to go into their room to wake them at 8.30 as they are still asleep (not that i am complaining as this means i cam get my 2yr old up fed and dressed). I have informed my Osteopath how good these pillows are and she said that she can now recommend them to her baby clients. Thanks again for doing the research on this for us and making them available

Mrs Walters

Hi there, Just a little story about my order - My daughter was born 2 months premature with plagiocephaly in 2010. I heard so many opinions on pillows for this condition. Someone mentioned your brand, I Googled you and bought the baby pillow. I am extremely pleased to say that her condition rectified itself. My daughter became very attached to her pillow. It has become like a security blankie and she still uses it today now that she is 8 years old.